20m 1Deck Steam Heated Veneer Roller Dryer
The 20m single-deck veneer roller dryer has a drying capacity of 0.5-0.7m3/hour and the veneer thickness range is 0.6-8mm. The veneer roller dryer runs on the steam boiler.   

Product Description 

The veneer roller dryer is one of the important veneer drying machines in the plywood and veneer making process. It is designed especially for the Core Veneer drying and is the Dryer of choice all over the country as well as abroad. The veneer roller dryer utilizes the latest international pressurized contact technology and the veneer is pressed and moved forward while ironing at the same time. The steam veneer roller dryer consists of feeding, heating, cooling, and discharge sections. Also, the veneer roller dryer can run on a biomass burner.  

veneer dryer


veneer dryer


hot air pipe




PLC Cabinet Veneer Dryer

Main Technical Specifications

Model No.



Veneer Roller Dryer


Core & Face Veneer Drying

Number of Sections


Number of Decks


Working Width


Roller material

Q235B, φ89 steel pipe

Heating section length


Cooling section length


Veneer thickness


Initial moisture content


Final moisture content

10%(adjustablebased on the requirement)

Heating Source

Steam Boiler 0.5ton, 120-160℃ adjustable,

Drying capacity (m³/h)

0.5-0.65 m³/h

Heat Requirement (10000 Kcal/h)


Veneer delivery speed

5-22m/min (adjustable)

Hot air fan

Power: 7.5KW(4pc)

Cold air fan


Traction motor

Power :5.5KW,frequency control(1pc)

Total power


Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)


All specifications, dimensions & design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

Our Advantages

1. The integrated design of the veneer dryer can greatly improve the utilization rate of the space occupied. The veneer making enterprises can do the drying all the time, which can avoid the wet veneer deterioration due to climate, improve the drying quality effectively. 

2. High-temperature rollers directly contact with wet veneer for heat transfer, and the heat efficiency is high, heat loss is reduced.

3. The veneer after drying has uniform MC, flat without a split, no buckle or end waviness, the surface is in good condition for gluing, and avoid collapse and honeycomb.

4. The automatic electric control system and frequency conversion system can adjust the transmission speed and temperature automatically according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve an ideal drying effect.

5. A one-time investment of the equipment is small, highlights the performance-to-price ratio superiority. 

6. It is a new concept of high-tech products, which can solve the major problems during the drying process efficiently including difficult to dry, drying cycle is long, drying uneven, easy to crack, deformation, and low yield of wood and others. 

7. Less maintenance is required for this type of Dryers with no Veneer Jamming leading to lesser Downtime.

8. We have a professional R&D team that can make customized designs according to customer’s special requirements. 

9. After-sales service: remote operation is available on request, Network interactive services, regular customer visits, the skilled service team can solve the failure the first time.


Project Cases

Malasia steam type veneer roller dryer site

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