veneer dryer machine


0.5m3/h Veneer dryer

20m 1Deck Steam Heated Veneer Roller Dryer
The 20m single-deck veneer roller dryer has a drying capacity of 0.5-0.7m3/hour and the veneer thickness range is 0.6-8mm. The veneer roller dryer runs on the steam boiler.   

1.5m3/h Veneer dryer

28M 2 Deck Veneer Dryer Running on Biomass Burner
Shine 28m 2 deck wood veneer dryer is composed of 24m heatingsection and 4m cooling section. The drying capacity of 28m 2 deck dryer can achieve drying capacity of about 1.5m³ per hour.
Veneer Roller Dryer 40m One Deck Runs on Biomass Burner
The single deck 40m veneer roller dryer running on Biomass Burner has the capacity of 1.5m3/h. The heating section is 36m divided into 9 sections and cooling section 4m one section. The biomass burner is the patented product and it can burn waste wood directly to heat air and supply to the dryer. The composite drying cost is only USD 6-11/m3.      

1.0m3/h Veneer dryer

20m 2 Deck Veneer Roller Dryer 1m3/h
20m 2 Deck Veneer Roller Dryer running without Thermic Oil Heater or Steam Boiler has the drying capacity 0.8-1.1m3/h. It uses waste wood / Briquette fired Air Heater-Biomass Burner. It eliminates heat loss by directly heating air and supplying to dryer instead of indirect heating of Oil or water. Ofcourse, the veneer roller dryer can run on steam boiler or thermal oil heater too.

2.5m3/h Veneer dryer

40M 2 Deck Roller Veneer Dryer Machine
The drying capacity of 40m 2 deck dryer can achieve 2.5m³ per hour. The composite cost of Shine biomass veneer drying machine is only USD 6-12/per cubic meter.


20m 1 Deck Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Veneer Dryer
The continuous mesh belt jet veneer dryer or band dryer or mesh dryer which is one of the main equipments in veneer and plywood production and can be used for continuous drying operation. It is used for drying veneers with rotary cutting and slicer and it is designed especially to dry the very thin face veneer typically at 0.2-1.2mm thickness. It is composed of four parts, which are divided into feeding area, heating area, cooling area and discharging area. It has features of high efficiency, low energy consumption, and better meets the production process of the product. 

3.0m3/h Veneer dryer

48M 2 Deck Veneer Dryer Running on Biomass Burner
Shine 48m 2 deck dryer are composed of 44m heating section and 4m cooling section. The veneer after drying has uniform moisture content, flat without buckle or end waviness and the surface is in good condition for gluing.

7.0m3/h Veneer Dryer

High Configuration 38M 4 Deck Veneer Dryer
Shine 4 deck veneer dryer is our newly developed product to meet high capacity requirements of customers; which has the salient features of higher drying capacity. 38m 4 deck veneer dryer machine with 10ton biomass burner can dry 7m³ per hour.

3.5m3/h Veneer Dryer

28M 3 Deck Plywood Veneer Dryer Machine
Shine 3 deck plywood dryer machine is a new type product for veneer drying, which has high drying capacity. The bearings installed for the dryers are featured high temperature 500 degree celsius resistance and low temperature -20 degree celsius resistance. Furthermore, no need maintenance in the daily operation.
2 Deck 52m Biomass Burner Heated Veneer Roller Dryer
The 2 Deck 52m biomass burner heated veneer roller dryer has the veneer drying capacity of 3.5m3/ h. Shine veneer roller dryer is a new generation wood veneer drying machine in plywood making process. By adopting latest international pressure contact veneer drying technology, Shine veneer roller dryer has the advantage of simple operation, safety and practicality, stable operation and others. Unique heat exchange structure and biomass burner are our patented products, which can improve the drying efficiency and save the drying cost greatly.