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Dryer advantages
Shine Machinery biomass veneer dryer has merits of high-level productivity, energy, slowest drying cost and perfect drying effect.
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The biomass burner is Shine Machinery patented product. It can burn all the wood directly to reduce the drying cost mostly.
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Shine advantageⅠ

SHINE heat exchanger adopts step by step heat transfer, and the specifications of each section of the heat exchanger are different, and the hot air in the heat exchanger can be uniformly emitted to the veneer. The veneer after drying has uniform moisture content, flat, no buckle or end waviness; free of splits and the surface is in good condition for gluing.


Shine advantage Ⅲ

We have a professional R&D team that can design different models according to customer’s special requirement. Perfect after-sale service system can supply 24h online service, remote operation is available on request, regular customer visits, sufficient spare parts supply in time.


Shine advantage Ⅱ

Shine veneer dryer adopts automatic electric control and frequency conversion system, which can adjust the transmission speed and temperature automatically according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve an ideal drying effect. Equipped with automatic veneer feeder and automatic collection system, which not only improves the drying efficiency but also saves labor cost mostly.

About Shine

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Shandong Shine Machinery Co., Ltd is founded in 1999 and we are specialized in R&D and production of veneer dryers and other plywood making machines. We have 10 standardized workshops, covering an area of 70,000 square meters and 150 sets of various machines including 6 production lines of machining, heat treatment, punching, welding, assembling and painting. We have a professional R&D team and experienced after-sale service team to supply best drying solution for different customers.   Our veneer dryers have won the CE certificates and exported to more than 20 countries such as Latvia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brazil, South Africa, South America and etc.

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Why Abandon Natural Drying?


1. Quality difference: Natural drying will lead to quality defects such as warping and cracking
2. Time-consuming: natural drying takes time and is greatly affected by the weather
3. Space requirements: natural drying requires a lot of space and is not environmentally friendly
4. Potential safety hazard: stacking outdoors can easily cause fire
5. Regional policy: drying yards have been phased out in many areas
6. Customer approval: Customers do not approve of low-quality veneers

Myanmar Four Layer Veneer Dryer And Biomass Burner


The four layer veneer dryer purchased by the Myanmar factory is used to dry rubber wood,and the customer feedback is very good, it is used with a biomass burner.The biomass burner acts as a heat source,providing high temperature to the dryer to ensure enough heat to effectively impact the wet veneer.At the same time,the bark of the peeling machine and the waste veneer of the rotary cutter are directly incinerated as fuel,which solves the problem of waste accumulation in the veneer plywood factory.

South Africa Old Customer Two Sets Of 2 Deck Veneer Dryer


These are two sets of layer veneer dryers from our old South African customer.They were installed and guided by our engineers.The customer was very satisfied after buying one of our machines,and then bought the second one.Now Both are in normal use, and the customer feels that the equipment is very good,and the operation is convenient,and the dried veneer is very flat.We are very grateful to South African users for their support.We will continue to work hard in the process of research and development and production to complete the task with quality and quantity.We are also very welcome to visit our factory.